Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What I learned about food this summer, Act II

Ride more, eat more. Then eat some more. Lose weight anyway.

We ate in more than a few shitty restaurants during our trip and I was happy about it. Not about the mediocrity of the meal, but that after a 10 hour ride, I was seated on something other than a bicycle saddle, and clutching silverware instead of handlebars. We expended something like 5000 calories a day during this trip, and the need to eat settled in quickly after the need to peel off salt crusted riding clothes and take a bracing shower.

Prior to the trip, I researched places to eat in as many of the stayover towns as possible. I naively figured that after a long day on the bike that I'd be willing to ride a short way from the hotel for food that was worth it. [ed - We did not have access to cars, just our bikes]. I mean, after 100 miles, what's another 5, right? Wrong. Asheville, NC has a slew of great restaurants. We ate in the chain BBQ joint directly across from our motel, cuz there was no way in hell I was going to pedal back up the hill we just rode down.

It had all the hallmarks of mediocre corporate `cue: no smoke smell at all as we approached it; a "waiter wanted" sign in the front door; faux country decor; young underexperienced waitress who didn't know if the pork dinner was pulled, choppped, or sliced. You get the picture. Ordinarily, I'd have turned around running at the lack of smoke leaving the chimney. On that day, I was glad to be eating. Pass the mustard sauce.

One entree was seldom enough. As the trip wore on, I'd add a second dinner. So after soup, a large burger cooked to perfect rosy rare, a large side of fries, and a pint of microbrew, I ordered a plate of steamed mussels and another pint. This was after a heavy breakfast, and stuffing my face throughout the day so I wouldn't bonk during the ride.

You'd think pro football players eat alot. They'd be put to shame by a group of scrawny ass cyclists.


Anonymous hbgrrl said...

Souhds like you had an amazing time.
I can't for the life of me, imagine being on a bike for 100 miles...let alone do the trip you did!

Two whole meals after pedaling all that distance? I'd say you'd definitely earned it...and more!

Glad to see you're blogging.
You've been missed (see MEalcentric's blog for a mention of your absence!)

8/09/2005 10:35:00 AM  
Blogger Professor Salt said...

Thanks for the kind words, hbgrrl. I've got some nice photos from the post-ride vacation through the Northeast. Check back over the new few days.

8/09/2005 04:17:00 PM  

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