Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bike ride from hell

What's the most physcially demanding thing you've ever done? For some it's birthing a child. Others, maybe it's running a marathon. For me, it's this bike trip I've been on for the past week, riding across the Eastern United States from Atlanta to Maine. Today, we finished a 135 mile ride in the hilly farmlands of cental Pennsylvania. Tomorrow's ride is shorter at 90 miles, but includes more climbing.

We're about halfway along our 2 week trip and each day that doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Or so I tell myself as I suck wind climbing up the hills the torment us ceaselessly like the late night TV commercials for the Ab Lounge. On the other hand, I've been eating like a pig every day to take in enough nutrition to recuperate. What have I been eating? Well, we're staying in small town motels with very few quality food options. Buffet restaurants. Fast food. Nothing remotely "nutritious" nor delicious. Nor do I care. After a 100 +mile ride, I need calories, it almost doesn't matter where it comes from. I'd eat the grass in the parking lot if I thought it'd carry me through until dinner. So no exciting food photos, no tasty missives from the hinterlands of the East coast.

With any luck, I'll have more to write about after the bike ride is done and we start a foodcentric tour of New England. Lobsters. Clam shacks. The legendary pizzas of New Haven, Connecticut. Stay tuned. Food will return to this blog, I promise.


Blogger MEalCentric said...

keep on chuggin! Good luck

7/30/2005 02:15:00 PM  

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