Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What I learned about food this summer, Act I

Eat ye not so much and shed thine middle-aged beer gut and flabby manboobs.

This I acheived by late June, by throttling down my voracious eating habit and riding my bike every day in preparation for the East Coast death march on bikes. On many nights, my dinner at work consisted of microwaved broccoli with salt and pepper. You wondered why I wasn't writing about food on this blog? "I nuked some broccoli tonight... and last night... but the night before that I melted some brie on top and it was better..."

Though I'd signed on last December for this two week tour that averaged over 100 miles of hilly riding every day, the daunting reality that, "gee, I really haven't ridden that much over the last decade and maybe I oughta lose some weight for this thing" hadn't really set in until March. With some diligent effort, I actually managed to drop 20 pounds before I left for the ride in July.

Eat less, ride more. Lose weight.

End Act I


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