Friday, October 15, 2004

Boba me, baby

Fresh fruit smoothies with boba pearls. Sounds much more appealing than the nasty, neon, non-dairy-creamer concoctions that most boba shops will foist upon the unsuspecting.

My favorite boba shop in OC is a little shop in a big Costa Mesa strip mall on Harbor Blvd and Baker Street. They use real fruit (bananans, stawberries, mango, lychee, etc) in their drinks, which makes all the difference in the world. Think of a fruit smoothie you might buy, say, at Jamba Juice with chewy black tapioca pearls. Depending on what you order, they will boost sweetness with a flavored syrup too.

Reading impaired menu

They also have good quality teas and herbal blends with which they'll brew your tasty beverage: things like rosehips and the herbal sweetener stevia in its natural leaf form.

Mayo jars full of herb

Boba Smoothie
1460 Baker St. Suite D
Costa Mesa, CA
and a new location:
19092 Beach Blvd., Suite V
Huntington Beach, CA