Saturday, October 02, 2004

Assaulted Bagel Man

Remember how you'd chase down the ice cream truck when you were a kid? I followed a bagel truck recently, at midnight, into a sleepy strip mall parking lot. The man from Brooklyn Bagel Bakery had just dropped off a sack at a Seattle's Best coffee shop and was locking up after himself when I pulled up in front of his van.

"Hey, uh... so, do you guys have a bakery in Orange County, or do you drive all the way here from LA?" The guy had the afraid-to-speak look of someone stuck on an elevator with a load of Hare Krishnas.

Really good bagels are hard to find anywhere, especially on the West coast. I've found 98% of bagel and pizza shops with an East coast allusion in their name inevitably suck. (Yeah, I'm talking to you, Noah's NY Bagels...) Brooklyn Bagels has a reputation as one of the better ones in LA, and I'd never tried theirs. You can understand my excitement when I spotted their truck in my neighborhood (or maybe you don't, and I am a freak). Interrogating the bagel man is a minor misdemeanor at worst, during which I uncovered another of his retail accounts in my area (Benji's Deli in Tustin).

Long story short - I stopped by that Seattle's Best shop this morning and found they wrapped each of last night's delivery in plastic wrap, a crime far worse than stalking the bagel truck. It's bad enough that the bagels were now over 8 hours old. They completely ruined what's left with Saran wrap. I ran crestfallen straight to Bruegger's Bagels, where I got theirs right out of the oven, still too hot to touch. While not a great bagel by any means, it's acceptably good when fresh.

I will schlep over to LA some day and try Brooklyn's straight from the source. To be continued...
Brooklyn Bagel Bakery
2217 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles

Bruegger's Bagels
All over, nation wide


Blogger Pat Saperstein said...

Yes, do try to get a Brooklyn Bagel at the source. They're open very late, so it's a good stop after attending an event downtown. I recommend the onion, pumpernickel, salt and poppy and cheddar. Just don't commit a crime against bagelry by having a blueberry or cinnamon!

10/02/2004 01:29:00 PM  

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