Friday, October 01, 2004

Roscoe's House of Chicken `N Waffles - the movie

Turkey `N Waffles

Some stories are better left untold. Roscoe's fried chicken & waffle empire serves pretty good Southern food (for around these parts) in 5 locations around Los Angeles. As odd a combination as it sounds, fried chicken and waffles go together like milk and Pepsi. Think hot, crisp, peppery fried chicken. Grits, greens, corn bread (two kinds), chicken sausage, smothered biscuits, red beans and rice, and of course, waffles.

Went to the Long Beach store a couple weeks ago, and noticed paper placemats promoting their movie. My verdict: skip this straight-to-video turkey. Ostensibly, it's the story of two shady numbers-running guys from NY who came out to LA and opened a restaurant to pay off loan sharks. I shut off the DVD after the first 20 minutes. The production quality approached a soft porn film's, but lacked your typical soft porn's professional acting, writing, and directing . I swear the DVD player gagged when it hoiked out the disc.

If the recent price hike on Roscoe's menu is paying off production costs, I'm going to be *very* upset.

Roscoe's - Long Beach
730 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best thing on video or dvd about Roscoe's is the hilarious commercial in the movie "Tapeheads." If you've never seen it you should check it out.


12/01/2004 03:39:00 AM  

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