Monday, March 28, 2005


A shout out to my friends in Austin, TX who took time to call me last night while they were on a brief death march through the woods at 1 am. They are training for an extended three day adventure race in May which entails mountain biking, hiking, climbing, rappelling, kayaking, spelunking through bat infested caverns, macramè, a written essay, and who knows what else, all with no sleep. FOR THREE CONTINUOUS DAYS.

So sometime in their 12 hour overnight practice run last night, Marlene calls to ask how I'm doing. How I'm doing, while they're hiking dark trails strewn with rocks the size of babyheads in 40 degree, pissing down rain.

"Well, my lazy ass is reclined on the couch watching the Live Links commercial for the umpteenth time on Court TV, thanks for asking."

I then hear someone in the background holler, "UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!" So I dedicate this last entry to you, my team of superheroes. Please don't hesitate to call me if you need a team mate for the essay question.


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